Saturday, 24 June 2017

Reflection - Dan on the River Don

Dan is back on the River Don creating his wonderful sculptures from materials found in the river.  He created his first set of temporary sculptures late in 2016. Over the winter months the flow and the rising of the river has returned them to the river bed. The sculptures are made entirely of materials found in the river and like his original series these too will be returned to the river when the waters rise again…

I see birds in the sky and I don't understand the purpose of their existence but I know where they fly
they live because their cells are communicating and cooperating
life is proportional balance and when a cell became selfish and wants all the food for itself that cell is known as cancer
In the same way when a person or society sees itself as superior, enslaves tortures and kills to accumulate all the power and resources they became  an existential threat to humanity and a mortal enemy to all things that live
life is communication and cooperation
Without communication and cooperation there can be no sanity no peace and no life    
-  Reflection